Oakleigh Contracts’ consultancy service is designed to provide you with the right advice, documentation, and procedures for the implementation of fire-rated external and internal works in your building.

Following an update to the Fire Safety Act, it is now mandatory for multioccupancy and multi storey buildings to undertake and adhere to a Fire Risk Assessment. This may mean a rectification of your current building systems.

At Oakleigh Contracts, we work alongside independent fire engineers who can perform a Fire Risk Assessment and oversee our design and installation processes to ensure we adhere to industry regulations.

Our consultancy service sets you on the right path from the start, with an independent fire engineer available to review all documents prior to work starting and further act as a clerk of works during construction processes.


To begin with, our team can provide a site visit where possible prior to works commencing - we provide a visual check of the site and the construction to allow for budgets and quotes.

A fire engineer will accompany our team for site survey and we can further work with building control and assist planners on the appearance of the building; this is especially reassuring if the appearance will change significantly, for instance where wood products are being replaced with a new system.

We will implement a plan following this to replace existing combustible materials and systems with non-combustible products, both externally and internally.

The new, non-combustible materials and systems will then be supported by Health and Safety, which will be checked by an independent company.

Our team provides removal and installation, during which time we offer monthly reports, complete with pictures and programmes, throughout the commencement of works to update you regularly on progress.

Oakleigh is certified with NAPFIS (National Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers) and EWS1, an External Wall System Fire Review certificate. Our ability to provide a thorough and exacting consultancy service is demonstrated by our industry qualifications.

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