Insulating your external walls is essential for keeping energy costs down whilst maintaining temperatures inside your building. However, outdated insulation can pose a fire risk if it is not fire rated.

In order to help slow and stop the spread of fire in your building, Oakleigh Contracts is partnered with Rockwool and Kingspan to provide you with high quality, non-combustible insulation boards for external walls.

Our full rectification service means Oakleigh Contracts supply a complete recladding service for large scale builds. As part of this, we provide and install fire rated insulation to ensure your new cladding improves thermal performance and fire safety. Our service is always overseen by an independent fire engineer, who can provide a Fire Risk Assessment and ongoing checks throughout the process, for total peace of mind.

Since a large portion of heat loss occurs through external walls, investing in external wall insulation can lower your energy bills through reduced heat loss, help stabilise temperature fluctuations, offer noise resistance, and can even reduce condensation build up. Insulation can also increase the lifespan of your wall because of the additional protection it offers.

Non-combustible insulation boards offer all these benefits alongside fire resilience to ensure your insulation does not feed a fire through external wall cavities.

Online calculators, such as this one, are available to help you calculate the U-Value (thermal resistance) of your building.


The team at Oakleigh Contracts have decades of combined experience from which we can provide a streamlined and professional service, starting with a full consultation and site survey, to re-clad your building in line with the latest fire regulations and customer expectations.

We can complete external wall insulation installation without interruption to the inside of your building, since this process is complete externally.

Is planning permission required for external wall insulation?

If external wall insulation will alter the appearance of the building - which is likely in most cases - then planning permission is required. Oakleigh Contracts ensure the exterior of your building remains similar to your existing exterior where possible, and where this is not the case, we can work with planners to ensure your exterior meets expectations.

What are the regulations surrounding external wall insulation?

If more than 25% of the external wall is being renovated then building regulations surrounding the thermal insulation of a building apply. The most recent fire regulations also apply to external wall insulation, meaning non-combustible fire materials must be used.

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