Oakleigh Contracts works with Safeshield membrane during the recladding of large-scale buildings for increased fire resistance, thermal insulation, and more.

Safeshield membrane is an innovative construction membrane which can be fitted onto external wall insulation. The membrane is designed to protect your external walls from weather conditions such as wind and rain, as well as the build-up of water vapour, which can damage and deteriorate the structure over time. During construction, it also offers UV resistance.

The thin and lightweight membrane has air and vapour permeability to ensure your external wall remains breathable whilst preventing water ingress.

Safeshield membrane is a fire rated product, making it suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings as per the latest regulations. Safeshield membrane is rated the highest classification of A2 S1, d0, meaning it’s a non-combustible material which will not aid the spread of fire through cavity walls.

The robustness of Safeshield makes it a long-lasting and durable material, chosen by Oakleigh Contracts for its high levels of performance and versatile range, with the ability to suit all high-rise applications.

Safeshield XT and Safeshield XT Reflect are breather membranes within the Safeshield range, with Safeshield XT Reflect offering increased thermal benefits thanks to its reflective surface.


The Oakleigh Contracts team have years of experience providing a full rectification service, including consultation, a Fire Risk Assessment and installation of fire rated products to bring your large scale build up to regulation.

We work with an independent fire engineer during these processes to ensure we are following the correct procedures.

What are the benefits of a Safeshield membrane?

Safeshield membrane offers waterproofing and UV protection during construction of external walls. When utilised inside external walls, the membrane provides thermal insulation, which can lower energy costs, whilst protecting the insulation and ensuring the structure is breathable. This ensures water vapours can permeate the membrane so condensation and damp does not build. Safeshield membrane is a fire rated material, meaning it can be used in high rise (18 metre and above) buildings.

What type of membrane should I use?

There are many different types of membranes for external walls. The type of membrane suitable for your rectification project will depend on the requirements of the build. Oakleigh Contracts will advise on the best type of membrane to use, as directed by an independent fire engineer.

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