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Oakleigh Contracts’ cladding service is designed to provide you with fire rated cladding for maximised fire resistance.

Cavity fire barriers are an essential fire protection measure for your external walls.

Insulating your external walls is essential for keeping energy costs down whilst maintaining temperatures inside your building.

Oakleigh Contracts works with Safeshield membrane during the recladding of large-scale buildings for increased fire resistance, thermal insulation, and more.

Utilise the thermal performance of a rainscreen cladding system in your recladding project.

Achieve the right facade with high quality spandrel panels -all the while meeting the latest fire safety regulations.

Our service enables you to replace rainscreen and facade cladding with fire rated cladding as approved by our fire engineers. Our cladding is available with the highest fire rating (A2 s1-d0) for total peace of mind that your cladding will not feed a fire through your building.

It is essential that external walls, amongst other items, in your building meet the new fire regulations in the UK, in order to minimise the damage caused by the event of a fire. This means non-combustible materials must be used for buildings higher than 18 metres and a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out on buildings with two or more domestic dwellings.

At Oakleigh Contracts, we make understanding the fire regulations surrounding your building accessible. We work with a fire engineer and building control to provide a Fire Risk Assessment and associated documentation, enabling us to supply the most suitable cladding for your application.

We utilise a range of materials including aluminium, steel, fibre cement, brick and render for our cladding. Available with a range of complementary finishing options, Oakleigh are able to achieve the exterior design you’re looking for. Our high-quality materials are durable for a long-lasting finish which maintains its visual appeal.

Oakleigh Contracts can further provide collateral warranty for funding applications by Homes England where possible.

Whilst working with Oakleigh Contracts, you can be assured our comprehensive cladding service not only provides certified fire rated exterior cladding, but guides you expertly through the whole process.

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