Spandrel Panels

Achieve the right facade with high quality spandrel panels - all the while meeting the latest fire safety regulations.

Oakleigh Contracts can provide fire rated spandrel panels in a range of finishing options to complete your building facade as part of our full rectification service, these can be glass, ceramic, aluminium etc.

Spandrel panels are structural panels used to cover the flooring systems between the floor edge and the curtain wall or cladding, ensuring that this system seamlessly fits into the facade of the building. As a central part of your facade, it is important spandrel panels meet architectural expectations, and are durable for optimal performance. Spandrel panels also contribute towards the insulation of a building, particularly acoustic insulation.

However, if not manufactured using non-combustible materials, spandrel panels can pose a fire risk.

Oakleigh Contracts utilises fire rated aluminium spandrel panels for our cladding service, so that a fire rated barrier is placed under external wall windows in order to help prevent the spread of fire. With years of experience in the industry, our team works alongside an independent fire engineer to make certain our solutions meet industry standards.

We utilise aluminium for our spandrel panels, which can be finished with a range of finishing options to meet the requirements of the project. Aluminium spandrel panels are lightweight, durable and easy to install, as well as being recyclable.


Our panels are available with insulation embedded within the system to ensure your building is thermal efficient, reducing the heat loss experienced through the exterior walls.

Oakleigh Contracts’ full rectification service is designed for large scale builds, for both residential and commercial applications. We are happy to work alongside planners during our service to ensure we achieve a complete, fire-rated facade which is in line with expectations.

Are spandrel panels fire safe?

When manufactured from fire-rated, non-combustible materials as per regulation, spandrel panels are fire safe and help to prevent the spread of fire, hot gases, and smoke at the junction of the floor edge and the curtain wall or cladding. This forms part of the compartmentalisation strategy to contain the spread of fire through exterior walling systems.

Are spandrel panels insulated?

Spandrel panels contain insulation within their system in order to help insulate the exterior walls. Their insulating properties help to regulate the temperatures in buildings, as well as reduce energy costs. They also help insulate sound for acoustic reduction.

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