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Internal Fire Protection

Protect your building against the devastating measures of fire with reliable and quality internal fire protection systems.

Oakleigh Contracts are specialists in the rectification of large scale builds, ensuring multi occupancy and multi storey buildings comply with the latest fire regulations both externally and internally.

Internal fire protection refers to the systems on the inside of a building which help to contain the spread of fire. These systems reduce the amount of damage caused by a fire, increase the evacuation or stay put time for residents, and heighten the safety of firemen whilst operating inside the building. Internal fire protection measures include systems such as fire doors and compartmentation, as well as fire escape strategy products.

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Fire doors which look and perform the part. Oakleigh Contracts’ fire doors are designed to meet your interior standards whilst achieving fire resistance to protect your building against the damaging spread of fire.

Compartmentation solutions which safely divide your building for fire risk management. Utilising intumescent materials and other passive protection products, Oakleigh Contracts provide compartmentation for the internal division of your building, as part of our fire rectification service.

Ensure communication does not fail in the event of an emergency. Oakleigh Contracts provides installation of emergency phones in refuge areas as part of our external and internal rectification service to bring your building up to regulation.

When power goes down, rely on an uninterruptible source to keep systems running.

Smoke inhalation poses a serious risk during a building fire; AOVs help clear the air with automatic opening vents.

Oakleigh Contracts’ experienced team, with the assistance of an independent fire engineer to audit and verify our work, can design and install internal fire protection systems as required for your building.

Our process begins with a Fire Risk Assessment which is carried out by the client- a mandatory assessment of the building systems and materials to ensure that they comply with the most up-to-date regulations. Following this, we can design and install the right solutions for your building, ensuring that non-combustible, fire rated products are implemented throughout.

With a unique offering formed especially to meet customer needs, Oakleigh Contracts’ fire rectification service continues to maintain exacting standards so we can supply our customers with safe and reliable fire rated solutions.

Internal Systems Which Adhere to Regulations
Oakleigh Contracts ensures we provide you with internal fire protection systems which adhere to regulations regarding the use of non-combustible materials and systems. Our work is further approved by an independent fire engineer during all stages, from design to supply and installation.

Our internal systems include the internal walls, doors, floors, windows and ceilings of high rise buildings.

Design Which Meets Expectations
At Oakleigh Contracts, we work to immaculate standards, ensuring our products meet expectations for the interior design of your building. With a range of products and finishing options available, we cater to all needs.

Our installation team further works efficiently and professionally on site, minimising disruption to the building during rectification.

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