Balconies and Decking

With recent changes to UK legislation regarding fire safety, your balconies and decking may pose a risk to the safety of your building.

The latest guidance states balconies and decking should be made from non-combustible materials, meaning your current structures could be out of date.

With years of experience dedicated to the fire rectification of high rise buildings, Oakleigh Contracts offers a removal service of your outdated balconies and decking, and can further supply you with and install fire rated balconies and decking.


Our expertise and the assistance of the independent fire engineers we work alongside means our service is designed to provide you with external structures which comply with the latest fire regulations whilst meeting your unique design requirements.

We partner with high quality, established manufacturers such as MyDek for the supply of your balcony and decking, saving you the time and stress associated with finding compatible, non-combustible products which further require installation. Oakleigh Contracts undertakes a complete service as part of our larger ability to completely rectify the exterior and interior of your building to align with fire safety standards.


We begin this service with a survey and investigation of your building, highlighting the renovations required and calculating the correct solution for this. All of our work is supervised and approved by independent fire engineers throughout our service.

Remove Outdated Systems
Following a survey and Fire Risk Assessment, Oakleigh Contracts provide a removal service as part of our offerings.

We can remove flammable materials, such as your current balconies and decking, from your building and further move them off site. This prepares your building ready for the installation of non-combustible cladding, balconies and decking.

As part of our removal service, Oakleigh Contracts are certified to erect scaffolds and provide MEWPs for safe and easy access whilst working on building exteriors.

Replace With A Custom Design
Oakleigh Contracts utilise a range of fire rated materials to ensure we can provide you with a design which meets expectations, working with planners if necessary to ensure unique visions are achieved.

Choose from aluminium, porcelain, composite decking, and stone or marble for your balcony and decking material. All materials are rated class A1 and offer durability in outdoor environments for residential and commercial spaces alike.

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