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Oakleigh Contracts works on a design and build contract for the supply of fire rated external and internal products designed to help slow the spread of fire throughout a building, in line with the latest industry regulations.

We work directly with the end user to provide this service, ensuring we deliver on requirements and expectations; as part of this, we offer up to £10 million insurance on contracts and products, with design insurance available as well, for total peace of mind.

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Oakleigh Contracts’ consultancy service is designed to provide you with the right advice, documentation, and procedures for the implementation of fire rated external and internal works in your building.

With our expert in-house team, Oakleigh Contracts are able to supply a complete service for the implementation of fire rated external and internal products, from design through to installation.

Oakleigh Contracts’ cladding service is designed to provide you with fire rated cladding for maximised fire resistance.

Protect your building against the devastating measures of fire with reliable and quality internal fire protection systems.

With recent changes to UK legislation regarding fire safety, your balconies and decking may pose a risk to the safety of your building.

A central element of our service is our commitment to recycling. Oakleigh Contracts ensures we take measures to reduce our material waste and carbon footprint by recycling used materials, with regulations in place across our operations and regular review of practices to ensure their efficiency.

A Commitment to Safety

We understand the importance of our service in keeping people and buildings safe, that’s why at Oakleigh Contracts our experienced team always takes the correct measures to ensure our products and services follow the latest regulations.

We work alongside independent fire engineers throughout all stages of our service as part of our commitment to safety and to regulations.

Our Service in Action
See our service in action with a complete recladding of key locations at the Riverlights, Derby.

For this project, Oakleigh Contracts was approached for the recladding of Genting Casino, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn, part of the Riverlights location in Derby.

This was a large-scale project which involved replacing existing insulation and composite aluminium panels with non-combustible alternatives. Our team worked with a designer who, in turn, worked with our structural engineer to ensure that the new system was compatible with the existing frame from a structural point of view.

One problem was trying to ensure that the new U value was not compromised in any way, which can be a problem when replacing PIR with a rockwool type material.

We utilised Safeshield XT Reflect A2-s1, d0 construction membrane, known for its energy efficient thermal properties. This membrane enabled us to incorporate another layer of protection against fire inside the wall cavities as well to increase thermal efficiency for reduced energy loss and costs.

A new metal frame was erected off the existing Metsec framework.

The new powder coated aluminium cassette rain screen cladding was then fixed, with new flashings to the cappings and smoking shelter as all the flashings were composite aluminium - the same as used at Grenfel tower.

The access was provided by mobile elevated working platforms.

Where possible all materials were re cycled.

The works were to a very busy pedestrian area either side of the bus garage and next door to the Crown court.

The works were carried and completed within the agreed programme and within budget.r

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