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Formed under unique conditions, Oakleigh Contracts has the ability to address our clients’ needs like no other service can.

Oakleigh Contracts was born following a client request to fill a gap in the market, as they were seeking, but could not find, one service which amalgamated the design, construction and verification of fire rated products for large scale buildings.

Originating as two separate and established companies, Oakleigh Contracts is now able to provide our clients with a complete and comprehensive rectification and refurbishment service, which brings all of these processes under one roof headed by specialists and certified personnel.

As a part of this, Oakleigh Contracts is able to cover all elements of rectification, including design, planning application, building control, management, health and safety, workmanship and independent reviews by health and safety with independent fire certification.

We are further a part of NAPFIS (Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers).

Our ability to fulfil clients’ need for the design and installation of fire rated products during the construction or refurbishment of large scale residential and commercial properties means our clients benefit from a quicker and more streamlined service, without compromising on safety or cutting any corners.

Oakleigh Contracts has now been active for four years, growing our offerings and ability to work with a range of clientele and sectors. With over 30 years of industry experience, our team has experience working on hotels, casinos, high rise apartments, housing associations and much more.

Throughout this, we remain true to our values - providing customers with a professional and informative service of which delivering a safe and high-quality product is our main priority.

Our Focus on Recycling
Oakleigh is committed to undertaking an environmentally conscious service.

We partake in comprehensive recycling practices that ensure we reduce our material waste and environmental impact.

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