Emergency Phones for Refuge Areas

Ensure communication does not fail in the event of an emergency.

Oakleigh Contracts provides installation of emergency phones in refuge areas as part of our external and internal rectification service to bring your building up to regulation.


Also known as Emergency Voice Communication Systems, or EVCs, emergency phones can be used in the event of a fire to assist with the evacuation of occupants and communication between fire fighters. This two-way communication system plays an essential part in the safety of those within the building, helping determine whether floors are clear or whether people are still waiting for help; simply put, EVCs can save lives.

Emergency phones should be installed in refuge areas, which are located in stairwells; this means that those who have difficulty finding their way through the evacuation route have a safe space to temporarily stay put and contact building management or the fire service for assistance using the emergency phone.


Disabled refuges and EVCs are a requirement in the UK in multi storey, non-dwelling properties. Oakleigh Contract’s expertise lies in the rectification of high rise buildings to ensure they comply with the latest fire safety regulations; we can therefore help to integrate the correct infrastructure and systems, such as emergency phones, into your building.

As part of this service, we can also install emergency assist alarms in disabled toilets.

Whilst carrying out any fire rectification work, our experienced team works alongside industry experts, providing an exemplary service which aligns with customer expectations and the latest regulations. Our work is further inspected and approved by an independent fire engineer at all stages of the process.

What is an EVC system?

An Emergency Voice Communication System, or EVC, provides communication between a control centre and outstations located on every storey of a building - such as disabled refuge areas. The system also includes emergency assist alarms, which are placed in disabled toilets.

Who can use an EVC system?

An EVC system will be used by building management from the control centre for initial evacuation. Disabled and physically impaired people will also use the system in refuge areas to contact the control centre. The fire service can also use the system, especially if their own radio systems fail, which can occur in high rise buildings due to the infrastructure.

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